Blogging about web development. New experience.

Blogging about web development. New experience.

I often wondered just how one ends up writing article after article about all sorts of topics and a few days ago I came to the realization that it's the best way to share one's knowledge and experiences.

I've been thinking for a while whether I should start a blog and everytime I'd just brush it off and put it under the rug. Well, here I am. My first blog post. Exciting.

When it comes to development, there is so much to talk about, so much to share and discuss and that just makes me want to participate and engage with other people. Especially considering that web development is my passion. whether it's backend or frontend, I just love it and the fact that I get to write about it is even better.

It's a bit scary but exciting, the fact that random people from all over the world might be reading this content and getting to know me and experience my ideas. I guess that's part of sharing.

Will keep this one short and will be posting articles discussing my opinions on different topics related to frontend development in the coming days. Also a few tips and tricks I learnt over the years.

Would love to hear what made you start blogging, so feel free to comment below!