Becoming a Self-Taught Developer

Rewinding a few years, becoming a self-taught developer wasn’t as common as it is today. All these emerging technologies are enticing and gathering more and more attention as they progress.

With the internet so close to our fingers, there are ample articles, bootcamps, online courses and guides one can follow to get into developing. It may sound easy, but this article will mention a few things that the above do not mention as part of the learning process.

What does it take?

Considering how many developers there are all over the world, and all the new ones emerging everyday, there is a lot of competition when it comes to jobs and different projects.

Becoming a developer today is surely more difficult than it was a few years ago but this shouldn’t discourage you nor make you change your mind. Determination and Perseverance is very important. You will fail. You will cry. You might even want to bang your head (Not Advisable). This is all part of the learning process so embrace the frustration and change it into motivation to keep going.

Another important thing to keep in mind is to take breaks. Sometimes you can sit there for hours trying and trying without any progress or success. Take a break to refresh your mind and thoughts. Have a nap, go for a walk, whatever. Just take a break.

Does it ever end?

Simply, No. The journey of a developer will take a lifetime as there is always something new to learn, to explore and to try.

Getting your first job as a developer can be scary, you feel like diving in the unknown, filled with questions and self doubts and it's perfectly normal. The road ahead will be bumpy and hard but as grim as that may sound, it can also be an exciting journey, like developing your first project while contributing alongside other developers with a common purpose.

We will always have our worries about the future, or certain roadblocks along the way, but you just need to keep moving forward, striving to achieve your life goals and aspirations.

Hope this article helps you on your journey to becoming a self-taught developer.